Counseling Services

Arbor Counseling uses the 12-step treatment model, as well as other accepted modalities, in helping our clients heal and recover from their issues. We aid our clients with the understanding that addiction is not a moral failure, nor is it a weakness. It is an illness that can be treated. You, and those who love you, can learn new and healthier ways in which to live life.

Arbor Counseling uses an integrated treatment model to address the issues of dual diagnosis disorders, as well. It isn't uncommon for those who suffer from mental health issues to also experience substance abuse problems. The opposite may also be true; those who suffer from mental health problems often suffer from substance abuse issues.

Our treatment program is designed to address the needs of each individual beginning with an initial clinical assessment. We then design an individual recovery plan and connect clients to community resources and support groups where appropriate.

  • Substance Abuse Education/Treatment
  • Addiction Education/Treatment
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Continuing Care
  • DWI Assessments and Services
  • Family Counseling
  • Individual, Couples, Family and Group Therapy
  • Women's Issues